Multipurpose free email addresses. Any number of addresses at one time, no limits. No need to register either.
If you are unable to sign in to your account but has a registered “recovery email address”, please enter the email address. If you have not registered a “recovery email address”, please enter one of your email addresses we can reach you.

Recovery notice and authentication key from will be sent to the email address you have entered. Please enable your device setting to accept messages sent from PCs.

If you have a registered recovery email address for the missing account (the recovery process will be complete in about 10 minutes):

1. Enter the recovery email address registered for the missing account, and send (this page)
2. Enter the authentication key sent to the recovery email address
3. The system will notify you the ID and updated password via email sent to the recovery email address

If you do not have a registered recovery email address (Basically, no recovery is possible):

Due to the nature of the service, which can be used without any registration, please assume that recovery is basically impossible if the recovery address is not registered.
Accounts can only be restored if the IP addresses, etc. are an exact match, and if the time has not passed.

1. Enter an email address the administrator can reach you, and send (this page)
2. Enter the request key you receive at the contact address
3. Enter two email addresses created under the missing account, the location you have used the service (country and region), carrier information, device information, etc., and submit the request
4. If your identity is verified, notify your contact address of the discarded mail address ID and reset password by e-mail.